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NZ Curling Procedures and Policies




NZCA Tournament Document

WCF Rules and Regulations

Click here to open World Curling Federation's Rules and Regulations page.

As well as the current rules, you'll find technical manuals, competition policy and procedures, and more.

WCF Rules and Regulations

Anti-Doping and Medical

Too many aspiring athletes have been inadvertently caught out by commercially available supplements, by over the counter remedies, or by medication prescribed by their doctor. Ignorance is NOT an excuse.

Check WCF's Anti-Doping pages and Drug-Free Sport NZ for what you can take, what you can't, and what you can get an exemption to use.

Anti-Doping and Medical

Brooms and Sweeping

There's a restriction on the brush and pads you can use at international tournaments, and they are regularly updated.

See the WCF section on brushes and sweeping for the current state of play.

These same rules apply to some NZ tournaments too.

WCF Brooms and Sweeping Guidelines

Uniform Policy Guidelines

Colours, crests, logo size and placements are all specified for team uniforms at international events.

Best practice is to check the WCF's Uniform Policy Guidelines before you place your order.

WCF Cresting and Uniform Guidelines

How to Play Mixed Doubles

A succinct, one-page introduction to Mixed Doubles that covers key rules, differences and strategy pointers to get you started.

NZ at World Mixed Doubles Championship 2019


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