2020 NZ Mixed Doubles Trial

MCI, Naseby

27 - 29 November 2020

Final Standings

 1   (4‑1)  Jessica Smith & Ben Smith – 2018 & 2019 NZ champions
    Jess and Ben will represent NZ at 2021 World Mixed Doubles Championship
2 (3-2) Bridget Becker & Sean Becker – 2020 NZ champions
3 (0-4) Mhairi-Bronté Duncan & Brett Sargon – 2020 NZ runners up


Draw and Results

Friday 27 November

 10:00 am, Draw 1
Sheet  Team  12345678 Total
A    Sean & Bridget H 3 1 2     4 X     10
   Mhairi-Bronté & Brett         1 1   X     2

* Powerplay called by the team with hammer

 2:30 pm, Draw 2Watch on YouTube 
Sheet  Team  12345678 Total
B    Sean & Bridget H       1   2 2 1   6
   Jess & Ben   1 1 1   2         5


 7:00 pm, Draw 3Watch on YouTube
Sheet  Team  12345678 Total
A    Mhairi-Bronté & Brett H 2 1       1 2     6
   Jess & Ben       2 1 2     2   7



Saturday 28 November

 10:00 am, Draw 4Watch on YouTube 
Sheet  Team  12345678 Total
B    Mhairi-Bronté & Brett H     2 2     1     5
   Bridget & Sean   1 2     2 2   1   8

* Powerplay called by the team with hammer 

 2:30 pm, Draw 5Watch on YouTube 
Sheet  Team  12345678 Total
A    Jess & Ben H 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 X   9
   Bridget & Sean                 X   0


 7:00 pm, Draw 6Watch on YouTube 
Sheet  Team  12345678EETotal
B    Jess & Ben H   3     4 1     1 9
   Mhairi-Bronté & Brett   1   1 1     4 1   8



Round Robin Standings

1 QF Jess & Ben 3 1 129.1   L W   W W
2 QF Bridget & Sean 3 1 191.2 W   W L   W
3   Mhairi-Bronté & Brett 0 4   L L   L L  
  QF = qualified for final



Sunday 29 November, Final

 10:00 am, FinalWatch Livestream 
Sheet  Team  12345678 Total
B    Bridget & Sean    1     1 1     X   3
   Jess & Ben  H   3 2     2 2 X   9

 * Powerplay called by the team with hammer 


Format and Rules

  • The first named team will have first practice, dark rocks and hammer.
  • First practice starts 15 minutes before game time, and teams will have a 6-minute practice.
  • All games will be 8 ends, with a minimum of 6 ends to be played. If teams are tied then an extra end will be played.
  • Games will be played under a time clock.


  • If a team goes through the double round-robin unbeaten then there will be no final, and they will be the winners.
  • Otherwise WCF Rules will be used for ranking, hammer and stone choices.
  • Top 2 teams will play off in finals
  • A DSC will be used after the round robin if teams can’t be split, with both players to throw a clockwise and counter clockwise stone each, worst result to be dismissed.
  • WCF rule C9 will then be used to rank teams.
  • Only if all three teams finish on 2W-2L: the top ranked team after DSC will progress straight to final, 2nd and 3rd ranked teams will play a semi final.
  • If the teams in the finals have beaten each other in the round robin then there will be a straight final. If a team on 3-1 plays a team on 2-2 and has beaten that team twice in round-robin then the top-ranked team on 3-1 has a 1 game advantage in a best of 3 final


Qualification Process for the NZ team to compete at the 2021 World Championship

As advised before the 2020 NZ Mixed Doubles Championship: Due to the exceptional circumstances caused by COVID-19 forcing the cancellation of the World Mixed Doubles Championships in April 2020, the NZCA conducted a review of the selection criteria as it relates to selecting a team to represent NZ at the 2021 World Championships.

The NZCA Selection Committee consulted with the High Performance Committee, and then with the broader Executive to reach a decision. Two primary factors were considered:

  • Maximising our chances at Worlds 2021 – this event now acts as a direct qualifier to the 2022 Olympics, with, as things currently stand, the top 7 teams qualifying directly to the Olympics (plus China as host). The remaining 2 spots are scheduled to be played for in an OQE type event in late 2021. It was felt that relying solely on a single event to determine our representatives for these critical World Championships, may reduce our chances of Olympic qualification.
  • Fairness – as National Champions for the last 2 years, and having shown a consistent commitment to train hard in the run-up to the 2020 event, it was felt that Jessica and Ben Smith were deserving of an additional opportunity to prove that they should represent NZ in 2021.

With these points in mind, the following decision was taken and our selection policy document updated accordingly. Please note, at this stage, this decision only relates to qualification to the 2021 World Mixed Doubles Championships.

  • The winners of the Nationals this year did NOT automatically gain the right to represent NZ at the 2021 World Championships
  • This further play-off was scheduled, with the winning team to be nominated as our representatives.
  • The participating teams at this play-off were to be determined as follows:
    – the winners and runners-up at Nationals, or
    – the winners, runners-up and Jess & Ben Smith if they finish outside of the top 2, but inside the top 4 at Nationals.
  • The play-off will be a best of 5 (if two teams) or a double round-robin (if three teams).
  • All of the selection processes and policies remain as per the policy on the website


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