Team Long win NZ Mixed

Gold medalists, 2021 NZ Mixed Curling Championship
NZ Mixed Curling champions 2021

9 Jun 2021 – Garion Long, Zoe Harman, Brett Sargon and Rebecca Long are the NZ Mixed Curling champions for 2021 after the title was contested at Paradice Avondale over Queen’s Birthday Weekend.

They headed off Lorne DePape, Tess Farley, William Sheard and Ariel Weber 9-3 in the final on Monday evening.

Eight teams contested the event, starting in two pools of four. The two semi-finalists from Pool A, Team Long and Team Dean Fotti, were known after just two of the three rounds when they both won their opening games.

Fotti’s side won the decider between these two in the last round 7-1 to take the top ranking from the pool into the semi-finals.

Silver medalists, 2021 NZ Mixed Curling Championship
Silver medalists

Iain Craig’s foursome had an unbeaten run to top the other pool, and Team DePape secured the other semi-final spot with a win in the last round as Ian Ford’s side dropped their final game to Iain Craig.

DePape’s side hit their straps in their semi against Fotti, taking the match 8-2. The other contest was a much closer affair, Long stealing the last to head off Craig 5-3.

There was some consolation for Iain Craig, Chelsea Suddens, Nikita Derevianko and Sasha Goloborodko as they went on to secure the bronze medal match 10-2.

"I'd like to congratulate all the teams here," said Garion Long after the event. "It was a great turnout, and all our games were keenly fought and played in a really good spirit."

Bronze medalists, 2021 NZ Mixed Curling Championship
Bronze medalists

"The weekend was a lot of fun, and a great way to start the season."

This was the third consecutive title for skip Garion Long, having won with different line-ups in 2019 and 2020.