Team Campbell retain Golden Jandal

2011 Summer Spiel Winners
Winners Murray Petherick, Dan Thurlow, Natalie Campbell and John Campbell

6 Apr 2011 – Alexandra's Team Campbell comfortably won their second Dunedin Summer Spiel title during the last weekend of March.

Natalie Campbell, John Campbell, Murray Petherick and Dan Thurlow were the best all-round side, winning the curling competition and also performing well in the less-than-serious "alternate" events to finish with the lowest penalty points tally.

The seven teams enjoyed a very sociable weekend, mixing early-season curling with a range of entertaining events that tested their agility, imagination and adaptability.

Team Campbell finished the weekend undefeated on the ice, winning all 6 of their pool games and then taking the final 1/2 playoff match against their Central Otago neighbours 9-4. Al Langille's northerners finished in third place on the ice, but the NZ Senior Women's side took third overall with a stellar performance in the other "disciplines".

Auckland's Polywiggles in action
Auckland's Polywiggles in action – L to R: Keswick Pearson, Ian Ford, Kieran Ford


Final Standings

 1st   Natalie Campbell    12 points    1 (curling) + 11 (events)  
 2nd   Richard Morgan  15 points    2 (curling) + 13 (events)  
 3rd   Senior Women  16 Points    7 (curling) + 9 (events)  

Playoff Round

 1 v 2 match:  Natalie Campbell   9 -  Richard Morgan
 3 v 4:  Al Langille   9 -  Charlie McLeod
 5 v 6:  Polywiggles   3 -  Tessa Farley

Round Robin

Rank Team W L Nat RM Al Ch PW Tes SW
1  Natalie 6 0   W W W W W W
2  Richard 4 2 L   W W W W L
3  Al 3 3 L L   W W L W
4  Charlie 2 4 L L L   W W L
5  Polywiggles 2 4 L L L L   W W
6  Tessa 2 4 L L W L L   W
7  Senior Women 2 4 L W L W L L  
  Pool rankings 4th-7th were determined by head-to-head results


Earlier article

Dunedin Summer Spiel popular

25 Jan 2011 – Just hours after Dunedin Curling's Summer Spiel was confirmed, nearly all of the available spots were taken says organiser Reece Aiken.

"I've just had a quick look, and it appears that we only have a couple of places left in the 8-team field," he reported.

The spiel will be held at the Dunedin Ice Centre in St Kilda on 25-27 March.

Last year's event proved very popular with the teams participating in both curling and other contests, both on-ice and off-ice.

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