Auckland 2012 season under way

5 May 2012 – "Dig out your shoes and brooms," says Auckland Curling Club President Al Langille, "our 2012 Season is set to go this Sunday. Check the website at for the draws, or see below for this week's."

"We will have several new curlers out this year and I extend a special welcome to them."

"At this time we have 15 teams, however I am cautiously optimistic that we will have one more to come forward over the next week or so. As a result of trying to get experienced and new curlers together there are changes to some of the team line-ups. Please check the team list and if your name is missing or any issues then let us know as soon as possible."

"One sheet will be free for training this Sunday, both sessions. We look forward to seeing everyone on Sunday night."


Teams (provisional)

CANZ Dean Fotti, Garion Long, Joanne Norman, Kath Clarke, Rob Ovenden, Lucienne Langille
Diamonds  Fred Bauer, Earl Irving, John Allen, Anne Huddleston, Alex Bauer
End Steele Kieran Grieve, Robert Giles, Blake Steele, Miller Adams
Sweeping Beauties  Chelsea Farley, Thivya Jeyaranjan, Tessa Farley, Kelsi Heath
Rockstars Peter Taylor, Beth Gibbs, Len McSaveney, Brittany Taylor
Team Josh Dallow Josh Dallow, Anouschka Dallow, Lester Dallow, Jon Jaksic
Thistles Liz Matthews, Christine Bewick, Pauline Farra, Glenys Taylor, Ruth Morris
Ayrshire Rockers Iain Craig, Lorne DePape, Haymon Keeler, Jen Seymour, Brianne Koning, Gavin Brown
Smirnoff Ice Kate Smirnova, Lisa Wu, Marie Tsai, Madi Bird
Hot Rollers Steve Mountjoy, Jac Stringer, Kim Heap, Holly Gosse, Neil Towse
Shy Teds Kieran Ford, Brett Sargon, Keswick Pearson, Roy McKinnon
The Hackers Eleanor Adviento, Waverley Taylor, Shelley Addison-Bell, Sofia Carnvik, Emily Whelan
Kenny Williamson Kenny Williamson, Dylan Ford, Morgan Long, Megan Bowes
Curly Wurlies Rachel Pirie, Ben McCormick, Cathy O'Sullivan, Mark Ellis
Icebreakers Al Langille, Ian Ford, Leon Katavich, Craig Bickerstaff
Spares Phil Morris, Tamara Long, Paul Thurston, Steven Barnes, Suzanne Florian, Gordon Glas, Paul Bickerstaff, Mike Carr
Until contact details for spares are distributed to skips – if your team needs a spare please phone Al (022 028 0654) or Ian (021 284 0757)

Draw – Sunday 6 May

Session 1 – 4:50pm for set-up (all teams), games start 5:30pm
Diamonds v End Steele Sweeping Beauties v Josh Dallow
Ayrshire Rockers v Smirnoff Ice Rachel Pirie v Icebreakers
Session 2 – 7:15pm for 7:30pm start
CANZ v Rockstars Thistles v Hot Rollers
Shy Teds v The Hackers Kenny Williamson v Sweeping Beauties