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2012 Nicolson Trophy

30 Jun 2012 – A snow shower and biting temperatures were not enough to deter curlers in the Nicolson Trophy match at the Naseby outdoor rink.

The Nicolson Trophy is played between the two top teams from the Idaburn and Naseby Councils, as decided from their respective “One Day Matches” from the previous season.

This year the Idaburn Council was represented by the Alexandra and Poolburn clubs, and they met Otago Central and Ranfurly representing the Naseby Council.

Winners were the Otago Central Club with 3½ wins and 78 points, with Ranfurly runners-up on 3 wins and 82 points.

Final Standings

    W D L Points
 Otago Central Naseby 3 1   78
 Ranfurly Naseby 3   1 82
 Poolburn Idaburn 1 1 2 64
 Alexandra Idaburn 0   4 59


Morning Matches
 Otago Central 2 22 - 18    Alexandra 2
 Otago Central 1 17 - 15    Poolburn 1
 Ranfurly 1 26 - 12    Poolburn 2
 Ranfurly 2 16 - 15    Alexandra 1
Afternoon Matches
 Ranfurly 2 13 - 22    Poolburn 1
 Otago Central 2 15 - 15    Poolburn 2
 Otago Central 1 24 - 14    Alexandra 1
 Ranfurly 1 16 - 12    Alexandra 2


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