2020 World Junior Curling Championships

Krasnoyarsk, Russia

15 - 22 February 2020

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NZ record at WJCC: Men

WCF Official Results: Men

New Zealand Team

Men – Right to left:
Matthew Neilson (2,s)
Anton Hood (4,v)
Ben Smith (3)
Hunter Walker (L)
Jayden Apuwai-Bishop (A)


Photo © WCF 2019 / Richard Gray

Their 5th placing at the 2019 (Dec) World Junior B Championship did not give them the top-3 finish needed to qualify for this event

NZ Men at 2019 World Junior Curling Championships

Scorelines – New Zealand Men

Round Robin

9:00am, Sat 15 FebLSD 12345678910 Total
RUS  Russia                            
NZL  New Zealand                            


7:30pm, Sat 15 FebLSD 12345678910 Total
NZL  New Zealand                            
GER  Germany                            


2:00pm, Sun 16 FebLSD 12345678910 Total
NZL  New Zealand                            
NOR  Norway                            


9:00am, Mon 17 FebLSD 12345678910 Total
SUI  Switzerland                            
NZL  New Zealand                            


7:00pm, Mon 17 FebLSD 12345678910 Total
SCO  Scotland                            
NZL  New Zealand                            


2:00pm, Tue 18 FebLSD 12345678910 Total
NZL  New Zealand                            
CAN  Canada                            


9:00am, Wed 19 FebLSD 12345678910 Total
SWE  Sweden                            
NZL  New Zealand                            


7:00pm, Wed 19 FebLSD 12345678910 Total
ITA  Italy                            
NZL  New Zealand                            


2:00pm, Thu 20 FebLSD 12345678910 Total
NZL  New Zealand