Birkenhead, Epsom, Long Bay top NI Schools

3 Sep 2010 – The 2010 North Island Secondary Schools Curling Championships saw Birkenhead College, Epsom Girls Grammar School and Long Bay College take home the Boys, Girls and Mixed titles respectively after the finals on Wednesday 1st September.

The 10 teams entered played in two pools of five with a cross-over final round, and the top ranked team in each category won that category. Although a number of mixed teams entered, only those with a 2 male - 2 female makeup were eligible for the Mixed title; all others played in the Boys' championship.

Eleanor Adviento's Birkenhead team (competing in the Boys) and Kate Smirnova's Epsom Girls side finished at the top of Pool A with 3-1 win-loss records, but Birkenhead had won their head to head match so qualified for the overall final against Tessa Farley's unbeaten Epsom Girls team from Pool B.

Epsom led right through this match, eventually edging out Birkenhead 4-3 to win both the overall title and the Girls trophy.

Long Bay continued their dominance in the Mixed section, having won this title every year since 2007.

Final Standings



 1    Birkenhead College Adviento
  Eleanor Adviento, Zane Gibbs, Jed Tan, Sohail Kashkari
 2    Massey High School Powlesland
  Brogan Powlesland, David McNelly, Jordan Brown, Ashleigh Rapana
3   Kelston Boys High School Mahoney
  Nathan Mahoney, Robert Evans-Moore, Tayler Adams, Rory Duggan
4   Long Bay College Mahendran
  Sean Mahendran, Miller Adams, Daniel Lister, Callem Cummings, Giselle Camp
5   Auckland Grammar School Powrie
  Hamish Powrie, Tom Hull, Tim Chen, Nick Edring, Scott Kendall


1   Epsom Girls Grammar School Kwon
  Tessa Farley, Samantha Leon, Alice Akaoka, Suzie Yang
2   Epsom Girls Grammar School Smirnova
  Kate Smirnova, Marie Tsai, Lisa Wu
3   Henderson High School Taylor
  Brittany Taylor, Shelley Addison-Bell, Waverley Taylor, Maria Anderson


1   Long Bay College Long
  Morgan Long, Tamara Long, Garion Long, Angela Mahendran
2   Massey High School
  Christopher Etherington, Tokomo Konichi, Anna Mullin, Matthew Clapson


Earlier article

North Island School champs entries open

3 Aug 2010 – Entries are now open for the 2010 North Island Secondary Schools Curling Championships, to be held during Winter Tournament Week at Paradice Avondale.

"Three titles are up for grabs – Boys, Girls and Mixed," said School Curling co-ordinator Liz Matthews. "A Mixed team must be composed of 2 boys and 2 girls."

This championship will be run over two mornings and one evening session:

  • 6:00am - 12:45pm, Monday 30th August
  • 6:00am - 12:45pm, Wednesday 1st September
  • 6:45pm - 9:00pm, Thursday 2nd September (if required)

"We apologise for the early start times," added Mrs Matthews. "We don't like any more than the competitors, but this is the only ice time available to us. We look forward to the day when we have a dedicated curling rink in Auckland and can run a more comprehensive competition during daylight hours!"