Maximum exposure for Auckland Schools curling

Super Streaker
Liz Matthews wasn't expecting this when she took her camera out to get some action shots...

24 Jul 2009 – It happens all the time at one day cricket. It happened in the curling Bronze medal game at the Turin Olympics, and now it's happened in the eighth round of the Auckland School Curling competition.

Just as the first end was getting underway at Paradice last night, a masked streaker leapt the barrier onto the ice and tobogganed across the four sheets.

He then scrambled over the barrier on the far side before disappearing out into a wet Auckland night.

A number of the players on the ice recognised the masked visitor as the Super Streaker from TV3's Pulp Sport. The simultaneous appearance of video cameras seemed to confirm the theory – so we can expect some exposure for curling when Pulp Sport returns to TV3 later this year.

The scheduled matches then got under way in earnest. Brett Sargon's Kelston Boys High four carried on where they left off prior to the school holidays when they overwhelmed Massey High Powlesland 9-0, and Epsom Girls Farley had a default win when their EGGS Lee schoolmates were unable to muster a regulation team.

The other Epsom Girls local derby was much closer when Team Kwon beat Team Tsai 4-2, with all of the scoring being in singles.

In the final match Birkenhead Patel led Katie Bauer's Long Bay team through their entire game until the last stone, which resulted in a 3 for Long Bay who took a narrow 7-6 win.