NZCA Newsletter 2010 / 3

24 Apr 2010 – The third newsletter for the year covers next month's AGM, advises of the newly appointed selectors and the athlete nomination process, summarises the World tournaments in Chelyabinsk and gives advance notice of January's Pacific Junior CCs in Naseby.


Annual General Meeting

Formal notice of the 2010 AGM of the NZCA was contained in Newsletter 2010/2 – the AGM is scheduled to be held on Friday 7 May 2010, at the Oturehua Hall, commencing at 8pm. It is to be preceded by the Annual General meetings of the Idaburn Curling Council and of the Naseby Curling Council (the Curling Councils’ meetings are to commence at 7pm).

The agenda for the NZCA AGM was issued along with the attendant reports, in “hard copy” (paper) form, to each Club on Thursday 22 April 2010.



The Executive has made the following appointments for its selectors for the 2010/11 season –

  • Juniors – Darren Carson, Nelson Ede, Marisa Jones
  • "Open" – Darren Carson, Haymon Keeler
  • Seniors – Darren Carson

The Executive is considering further persons for selector roles – even though the closing date has passed, anyone who may be interested is assisting in a selection role should contact Pat Cooney (ph 03 448 8609 – work; 03 448 9455 – home; 027 768 9918; email – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; 27 Tarbert St, Alexandra 9320) in the first instance.

As part of the selector appointment process, the Executive has given preliminary consideration to the possibility of having selectors appointed for a period of more than 12 months (as has occurred in the past). There may be some merit in having say a two or three or four year term of appointment, subject to satisfactory performance – even if a person was appointed for say a four year period, there is nothing to stop that person withdrawing after say two or three years if their circumstances have changed.

Part of the thinking behind the longer term is to allow the selectors to have more time to develop and implement a longer term plan for the improvement of NZ’s performance at international level; another factor is develop more experience and continuity in the selector role so that major changes do not occur in the same year.

The appointment of the coaches and managers for each of the NZ teams is to be dealt with at a later meeting of the Executive.


NZ Teams

Athletes have been invited to submit a "self-nomination" form if they wish to be considered for a New Zealand team in the 2010/11 international season; the closing date for such nominations is Friday 30 April 2010. The forms have been issued with previous emails.

Selection Policy

Prospective NZ representative players should also acquaint themselves with the Executive's thinking behind the selection policies which are being developed – still a "work in progress". Their selection policy report was adopted by the Executive at its meeting on 16 April 2010.

Note that it will take some time to for these policies and procedures to be fully implemented. The Executive will be endeavouring to ensure that as much of this structure as possible is in place for the 2010/11 rep season, but it is likely that some will not take effect until 2011/12.


NZ Mixed Fours

The 2010 New Zealand Mixed Fours Curling Championship will be held in Auckland during Queen's Birthday weekend. Entries are strictly limited and it is a case of first in, first served. Closing date is Monday 10 May unless the tournament is full earlier.

All curlers who would like a New Zealand title on their CV are urged to act promptly!


World Curling Championships

Results from the 2010 World Seniors and Mixed Doubles Championship tournaments held in Chelyabinsk, Russia, during April 2010 are as follows:

Senior Men

  • 10th overall – Peter Becker, Nelson Ede, David Greer, John Sanders
  • 4-5 Italy, 9-4 Finland; 2-10 Canada, 2-7 Switzerland, 2-9 Sweden
  • USA 1st, Canada 2nd, Australia 3rd

Senior Women

  • 6th overall – Wendy Becker, Liz Matthews, Christine Bewick, Carolyn Cooney
  • 7-9 Sweden, 0-12 Switzerland, 4-9 USA, 7-6 Italy, 2-8 Japan, 3-10 Canada, 10-8 Russia
  • Canada 1st, Switzerland 2nd, Sweden 3rd

Mixed Doubles

  • 2nd, silver medal – Bridget Becker, Sean Becker
  • 11-3 Austria, 5-11 Switzerland, 8-2 Denmark, 8-7 Czech Republic
  • Quarter-final 10-4 Italy, Semi-final 10-3 Spain, Final 7-9 Russia (extra end required)
  • Russia 1st, New Zealand 2nd, China 3rd

Congratulations to all the NZ representatives but special congratulations are extended to NZ’s first ever World Curling Championship medalists, siblings Bridget and Sean Becker.


Pacific Junior Curling Championships

The 2011 Championship tournaments are to be host by New Zealand at the Maniototo Curling International rink in Naseby – planning is underway for this event which will take place in the period of 9–16 January 2011. This event will require good support from curlers in general as it needs volunteer support to assist in the day-to-day operations; more information will be available closer to the time but curlers are asked to note the tournament in their diaries.

Even if you cannot help in any way, it would be well worthwhile going to Naseby to watch the top young players from the Pacific (including China, Japan, Korea, Australia, and New Zealand)