A Curling Rink for Auckland

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15 Mar 2015 – Auckland Curling needs your help to make a submission to Council's 10 Year Plan for a curling rink in our city to become a reality. We need a place to build.

Submissions close at 4pm this Monday 16 March. Read more below to see how to make a submission.

A feasibility study into a combined ice and indoor sports complex on Auckland's North Shore has just been completed. This report was largely funded by an Auckland Council grant to Auckland Curling, acting on behalf of the Harbour Ice and Indoor Sports Stadium group.

The report identifies a way for Auckland Curling to establish a dedicated curling rink in the city with minimum capital outlay, working in conjunction with Council and WCF.

The main findings of the study are:

  1. Ice sports' needs should be separated out from the needs of indoor court sports which can best be met through the community network model.
  2. Ice sports suffer from a shortage of ice time, and curling especially suffers from poor quality ice.
  3. Council are unlikely to provide a facility due to pressure on rates, and because the private sector is already involved in providing ice facilities.
  4. The private sector have reservations about being able to generate sufficient return on the capital investment required to build a third rink in Auckland.
  5. Ice sports may be able to develop their own ice centre providing they can access private investors and funders, but questions remain about affordability and return on investment.
  6. Auckland Curling could develop a "portable" curling facility, providing they can secure land from Auckland Council, enter into a trial-lease-buy contract with the World Curling Federation, and can operate on a largely voluntary basis at least during the establishment phase.

The last point offers a pathway for Auckland Curling to develop a dedicated curling facility in our city. We believe this could be the first stage of a combined ice sports complex, but it must also be viable as a stand-alone operation.

The World Curling Federation’s Portable Curling Facility initiative, announced late last year, opens the possibility of a rink to be established here with minimum capital outlay – providing we have somewhere to build it.

Realistically, this can only happen if Auckland Council can provide a site.

Help shape Auckland

We Need Your Help

Please make a submission to Council's Long Term Plan, supporting Auckland Curling's submission for Council.

Your support will help Council take notice. Submissions close at 4pm this Monday 16th March.

How do I make a submission?

  1. Go to Auckland Council's feedback page.
  2. Enter your personal details.
  3. Question 1a (Rates): We urge you to AGREE with the average proposed rates inrease of 3.5% per year. Council cannot support new initiatives in sport and recreation, or anything else, on a bare-bones budget.
  4. Questions 2-6: Your call, or leave blank if you have no opinion.
  5. Question 7 (Additional Feedback): Please endorse Auckland Curling's submission – available to read below. Or you can use this statement, or something similar:
    I support the submission from Auckland Curling to work with Council and the World Curling Federation to provide a dedicated curling facility for Auckland.

Thank you for your support.


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