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Auckland Curling Club – Under-21 Championship
 Year Winners
2005 Andrew Lester, Mark Nicholas, Alistair Driver, Philip Driver
2006 Long Bay Old Boys – Anthony Brown, Alex Bauer, Greg Prendergast, Vaughan Rogers
2007 Massey Frosties – Keswick Pearson, William Armitage, Sam Brady, James Roberts, Charmain Pearson-White
2008 Long Bay – Alex Bauer, Greg Prendergast, Nic Lambert, Katie Bauer
2009 Team Farley – Chelsea Farley, Thivya Jeyaranjan, Tessa Farley, Emily Whelan
2010 Shy Teds – Kieran Ford, Brett Sargon, Raegan Lupi, Jed Tan
2011 No event held
2012 Sweeping Beauties – Thivya Jeyaranjan, Chelsea Farley, Tessa Farley, Kelsi Heath
2013 Garion Long, Morgan Long, Matt Hohaia, Ben Frew
2014 Stonehenge – Garion Long, Ben Frew, Matt Hohaia
2015 1= Eleanor Adviento, Eloise Pointo, Kurt Haynes, Troy McLaren, Abhishek Rughani
  1= Bacon – Zoe Wallace, Jackson McLay, Michaela Fleming, Nick Tozer
  1= Ben Frew, Matt Hohaia, Rory Hammond, Jonah Tan
2016 Jonah Tan, Rory Hammond, Joelle Burt, Anna de Boer
2017 No event held
 Year Runners-Up
2007 Team Brown – Anthony Brown, Alex Bauer, Greg Prendergast, Nic Lambert
2008 Oratia – Aaron Jackson, Dylan Ford, Brittany Taylor, Ruth Jackson
2009 Team Lambert – Nick Lambert, Katie Bauer, Brittany Taylor, Kieran Ford
2010 Crazy Stoners – Eleanor Adviento, Jina Kwon, Sam Leon, Morgan Long
2012 Hackers – Eleanor Adviento, Waverley Taylor, Brittany Taylor, Shelley Addison-Bell
2013 Eleanor Adviento, Waverley Taylor, Tessa Farley, Eloise Pointon 
2014 Eleanor Adviento, Waverley Taylor, Eloise Pointon, Josh Lim, Rory Hammond
2015 Title shared, no runners-up
2016 Michaela Fleming, Ruby Marsh, Sara Stewart, Zoe Wallace

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