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New Zealand Curling Championship – Junior Women
 2005  Brydie Donald, Marisa Jones, Heather Jamieson, Abby Pyle
2006 Natasha Dallow, Hyojung Seo, Yuka Tanaka
2008 Abby Pyle, Lucy Harris, Lucy Lane, Sarah Byrnes
2009 Lucy Harris, Katie Bauer, Lucy Lane, Brittany Taylor
2010 HammerTime – Chelsea Farley, Thivya Jeyaranjan, Tessa Farley, Emily Whelan
2011 Chelsea Farley, Thivya Jeyaranjan, Tessa Farley, Jess Zinsli
2012 Sweeping Beauties – Chelsea Farley, Thivya Jeyaranjan, Tessa Farley, Kelsi Heath 
2013 Eleanor Adviento, Waverley Taylor, Brittany Taylor, Tess Farley, Eloise Pointon
2014 Eleanor Adviento, Eloise Pointon, Elle Steele, Catherine Greer
2015 Holly Thompson, Waverley Taylor, Eloise Pointon, Jessica Smith
2016 Jessica Smith, Holly Thompson, Courtney Smith, Eloise Pointon
2017 Jessica Smith, Holly Thompson, Emma Sutherland, Eloise Pointon
2005 Natasha Dallow, Yuu Terazawa, Kate Brown, Hyojung Seo
2008 Lee-ande Hill, Brittany Taylor, Katie Bauer, Chelsea Farley
2009 Chelsea Farley, Thivya Jeyaranjan, Tessa Farley, Emily Whelan
2010 Combined – Brittany Taylor, Lucy Lane, Lucy Harris, Katie Bauer, Kelsi Heath
2011 Brittany Taylor, Eleanor Adviento, Waverley Taylor, Kelsi Heath
2012 Eleanor Adviento, Brittany Taylor, Waverley Taylor, Sofia Carnvik 
2013 Holly Thompson, Jessica Smith, Catherine Greer, Tash Whyte
2014 Emma Sutherland, Mhairi-Bronté Duncan, Kelsey Mee, Dianna Yeritsyan, Heloise Fitzpatrick
2015 Ashleigh Smith, Elle Steele, Courtney Smith, Tash Whyte
2016 Emma Sutherland, Mhairi-Bronté Duncan, Heloise Fitzpatrick, Diana Yeritsyan, Michelle Bong

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