2015 Winter Games NZ : Draw

Audi quattro Winter Games NZ 2015

Maniototo Curling International, Naseby

22 - 27 August 2015

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Teams Entered

 Group A  Group B
  AUS  AUS1  Australia 1     AUS  AUS2  Australia 2
  CAN  CAN1  Canada 1     CAN  CAN2  Canada 2
  CZE  CZE  Czech Republic     CHN  CHN  China
  JPN  JPN  Japan     FIN  FIN  Finland
  NZL  NZL1  New Zealand 1     KOR  KOR  Korea
  USA  USA  USA     NZL  NZL2  New Zealand 2

Tournament Schedule

DateTimeSheet ASheet BSheet CSheet D
Fri 21-Aug 16:30 Winter Games Opening Ceremony – Coronet Peak
Sat 22-Aug tbc Pro-Am Curling Event – Queenstown
Sun 23-Aug

10:45 x NZL2 FIN AUS2
12:00 KOR CHN CAN2 x
13:15 Team Meeting at the rink – all teams
14:15 x JPN CZE USA
15:30 AUS1 NZL1 CAN1 x
17:00 On-ice Opening Ceremony
18:00 Off-ice: Meet and Greet
Mon 24-Aug 09:00 JPN - USA CAN1 - CZE x AUS1 - NZL1
12:30 NZL2 - FIN CAN2 - AUS2 x KOR - CHN
16:00 CAN1 - AUS1 JPN - NZL1 CZE - USA x
19:30 CAN2 - KOR NZL2 - CHN AUS2 - FIN x
Tue 25-Aug 09:00 x AUS1 - USA NZL1 - CAN1 JPN - CZE
12:30 x KOR - FIN CHN - CAN2 NZL2 - AUS2
16:00 NZL1 - CZE x AUS1 - JPN USA - CAN1
19:30 CHN - AUS2 x KOR - NZL2 FIN - CAN2
Wed 26-Aug 09:00 x CAN1 - JPN USA - NZL1 CZE - AUS1
12:30 x CAN2 - NZL2 FIN - CHN AUS2 - KOR
16:00 Tiebreaker games: One round only (if required)
19:30 Playoff games: (A2 v B3) and (A3 v B2)
Thu 27-Aug 11:00 Semi-Final Games
15:30  Gold medal & Bronze medal Games
18:00 On-Ice Closing Ceremony & Medal Presentation
19:00 Awards Dinner
Sun 30-Aug 16:00 Winter Games Closing Ceremony – Cardrona

Practice – Sunday 23 August

  • Teams may have a 15 min practice on each sheet using all stones
  • Teams will have access to all 8 stones of both colours
  • Teams will rotate sheets A-B, B-C, C-D, D-A
  • Stones need not be returned to the home end except at the end of the fourth practice

Tournament Format and Conditions of Play

  1. World Curling Federation (WCF) rules apply, unless otherwise indicated below, or stated during the official Team Meeting, which is scheduled at 13:15 in the Naseby Curling Club on Sunday, 23 August 2015.
  2. The 12 teams have been divided into two groups (A   B) and each group will play a round robin series. At the end of the round robins there will be a ranking established for places 1, 2 and 3 in each group. A maximum of one round of tie-breaker games, if required, will be used for each group. The team ranked 1st in each Group will advance directly to the semi-finals. A2 will play B3 and A3 will play B2 to determine the last teams in the semi-finals.
    For the semi-finals opponents will be selected on the basis of not having teams from the same group compete against each other: If 2 teams from each group then 1A plays the B qualifier and 1B plays the A qualifier. If 3 teams from one group (1 team from the other group) then the 1st ranked team of that group plays the 3rd ranked team from the same group, and the 1st ranked team of the other group plays the 2nd ranked team from the group that qualified 3 teams.
  3. All games will be eight (8) ends, with extra end(s) to break tied games.
  4. The first named team in each draw plays the stones with dark coloured handles, and should wear dark coloured upper playing garments. Note: red is considered a dark colour.
  5. There will be a nine (9) minute practice for each team before each round robin game. The first practice starts 30 minutes before the scheduled game time. First named teams have the 1st pre-game practice, except for each team's first game, when a coin-toss will determine 1st and 2nd pre-game practice.
  6. At the conclusion of the team’s pre-game practice, each player delivers one stone to the tee at the home end. The first delivery with the clockwise rotation and the second delivery with the counter-clockwise rotation. The distances of the two stones will be combined to determine the Last Stone Draw (LSD) for the team. The team with the lesser LSD distance has the choice of delivering first or second stone in the first end. If the LSDs are equal, a coin toss will determine which team has the choice.
  7. In the tie-breakers (max. one round) the team that won the round robin game has the choice of first or second stone in the first end. In these games, the team delivering the first stone of the first end has the choice of stone handle colour and will have second pre-game practice.
  8. In the playoff games, if the teams are from different groups the winner of a coin toss can pick 1st or 2nd practice or stone colour, and the 2-stone LSD will determine first or second stone in the first end. If the teams are from the same group, the team with the better win/loss record has the choice of playing first or second stone in the first end, if both teams have the same win/loss record, the winner of their round robin game has that choice. In these “same group” games, the team delivering the first stone of the first end has the choice of stone handle colour and will have second pre-game practice.
  9. The Chief Umpire will determine the schedule and ice for all post round robin games as soon as the number of games required and the opponents have been determined.

Tournament Officials

Chief Umpire:    Donna Butler Canada
Deputy Chief Umpire:   Darren Carson New Zealand
Umpires:   John Campbell
Murray Petherick
New Zealand
New Zealand
Chief Timer:   Hugh Millikin Australia
Chief Ice Maker:   Reece Aiken New Zealand
Deputy Chief Ice Maker:   Nelson Ede New Zealand
Ice Makers:   'S K' Park
Bill McIntyre
Rob Potter
New Zealand
New Zealand

Winter Games NZ Curling Organising Committee

Manager:   Sam Inder  
Committee:   Ewan Kirk, Peter Becker, Darren Carson
NZCA President:   David Greer  
Media Officer:   Ian Ford  
    Thanks also to the staff at MCI and the dozens of volunteers who asisted as end ice officials, hogline officials, caterers and drivers


Audi quattro Winter Games NZ 2015