New Zealand fought back from an early shock to beat Italy 8-5 in the opening round of the men's competition at the world senior curling championships in Dunedin yesterday. But the New Zealand women made a losing start to their campaign, falling 8-4 to the United States.

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The 2009 World Senior Curling Championships got underway Monday morning at Dunedin Ice Stadium with a traditional opening ceremony, including an entry of the 20 competing teams (12 men, 8 women) from 14 nations led by pipers from the City of Dunedin Pipe Band.

World Curling Federation President Les Harrison, from Canada, commended the committee and the city on its successful efforts to host the first-ever world curling championship in the Southern Hemisphere.

The odds and the past record may be against it, but the New Zealand men's team is determined to stand on the podium at the Dunedin Ice Stadium this week. It is an experienced New Zealand team that will face the world's best seniors (over 50) at the first world championships to be held in the southern hemisphere...

Read the full Otago Daily Times article here.


Men  australia-men.jpg
  L-R: Ted Bassett (skip), Dave Thomas (third), Ali Cameron (second), Nick Sheard (lead)


Men  canada-men.jpg
  L-R: Eugene Hritzuk (skip), Kevin Kalthoff (third), Verne Anderson (second), Dave Folk (lead)
Women  canada-women.jpg
  L-R: Pat Sanders (skip), Cheryl Noble (third), Roselyn Craig (second), Christine Jurgenson (lead)


Men  england-men.jpg
  L-R: John Brown (skip), Phil Barton (third), John MacDougall (second), Robin Gemmell (lead)


Men  finland-men.jpg
  L-R: Mauno Nummila (skip), Juhani Heinonen (third), Paavo Ruottu (second), Martti Salonen (lead), Matti Syrja (fifth)


Men  hungary-men.jpg
  L-R: Andras Rokusfalvy (skip), Mihaly Veraszto (third), Laszlo Tolnai (second), Gyorgy Kalmar (lead)


Men  italy-men.jpg
  L-R: Carlo Carrera (skip), Adriano Casagranda (third), Bruno Paolo Mosca (second), Mauro Coda Zabetta (lead), Gino Marino (fifth)
Women  italy-women.jpg
  L-R: Lucilla Macchiati (skip), Mafalda Hausberger (third), Caterina Colucci (second), Paola Gancia (lead)


Men  japan-men.jpg
  L-R: Masayasu Sato (skip), Tomiyasu Goshima (third), Takahiro Hashimoto (second), Syozo Ito (lead), Hisashi Urashima (fifth)
Women  japan-women.jpg
  L-R: Hideko Tanaka (skip), Naomi Kawano (third), Kazuko Takahashi (second), Mieko Nakamura (lead), Yumi Unno (fifth), Terri Johnston (coach)

New Zealand

Men  newzealand-men.jpg
  L-R: Peter Becker (skip), Richard Morgan (third), Nelson Ede (second), David Greer (lead), John Sanders (lead)
Women  newzealand-women.jpg
  L-R: Wendy Becker (skip), Christine Bewick (third), Pauline Farra (second), Liz Matthews (lead)


Men  scotland-men.jpg
  L-R: Archie Craig (fifth), Tommy Fleming (lead), Robin Aitken (second), Lockhart Steele (third), Keith Prentice (skip)
 Women  scotland-women.jpg
  L-R: Marion Craig (skip), Rhona Fleming (third), Catherine Raeburn (second), Anne Malcolm (lead), Helen Drummond (fifth)


Men  sweden-men.jpg
  L-R: Karl Nordlund (skip), Wolger Johansson (third), Per-Arne Andersson (second and vice-skip), Owe Larsson (lead)
 Women  sweden-women.jpg
  L-R: Gunilla Bergman (coach), Ingrid Meldahl (skip), Ann-Cathrin Kjerr (third), Anta Hedström (second), Sylvia Liljefors (lead)


 Men  switzerland-men.jpg
  L-R: André Pauli (skip), Fritz Pulfer (third), Pierre Zuercher (second), Daniel Gruenenfelder (lead), Heinz Kneubuehler (alternate)
Women   switzerland-women.jpg
  L-R: Renate Nedkoff (skip), Lotti Pieper (third), Silvia Niederer (second), Brigitta Keller (lead), Irène Goridis (fifth)

United States of America

 Men  usa-men.jpg
  L-R: Paul Pustovar (skip), Brian Simonson (third), Thomas Harms (second), Don Mohawk (lead)
 Women  usa-women.jpg
  L-R: Sharon Vukich (skip), Joan (Mary) Fish (third), Cathie Tomlinson (second), Aija Edwards (lead)
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