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North Island Secondary School Championship – Mixed
 Year Winners
2007 Rangitoto College
  Nicholas Lambert, Katie Bauer, Kieran Grieve, Heather Brown
2008 Long Bay College
  Katie Bauer, Jovanne Pieterse, Christine Bridle, Garion Long, Justin Schenn, Logan Brown
2009 Long Bay College
  Katie Bauer, Garion Long, Christine Bridle, Morgan Long
2010 Long Bay College
  Morgan Long, Tamara Long, Garion Long, Angela Mahendran
2011 Massey High School
  Brogan Powlesland, Ashleigh Rapana, James Hale, Tomo Konichi, Mort Heaven
2012 Henderson High School
  Nicola Duncan, Michael Allport, Shelley Addison-Bell, Scott Metcalfe, Sofia Carnvik
2015 Birkenhead College
  Nicholas Tozer, Michaela Fleming, Jackson McLay, Zoe Wallace
2016 Birkenhead College
  Eloise Pointon, Ryan Saena, Kayla Peden, Martin Sadsad
 Year Runners Up
2009 Massey High School
  Brogan Powlesland, Ashleigh Rapana, Dian Marie Utton, Tres Dunbar
2010 Massey High School
  Christopher Etherington, Tokomo Konichi, Anna Mullin, Matthew Clapson
2015 Lynfield College
  Tanmay Arora, Esther Tomkinson, Aldi Ting, Niamh Masterson
2016 Long Bay College Alpha
  Shane Du Plessis, Tayo Wright, Luke Nagel, Leah Grant-Moore, James Daish

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