All Honours Boards

Auckland Curling Club Honours Board
Life Members
2007 Lorne DePape
2008 Liz Matthews
2006 TurinLorne DePape, Hans Frauenlob NZ Olympic Committee logo
Youth Olympians
2012 Innsbruck – Eleanor Adviento, Kelsi Heath
New Zealand Representatives 2016 / 7
Open Men Brett Sargon
Open Women Chelsea Farley, Thivya Jeyaranjan
Mixed Fours Kieran Ford, Thivya Jeyaranjan, Brett Sargon, Emily Whelan
Senior Men to be announced
Senior Women  to be announced
Junior Women Eloise Pointon
Club Champions

2016 Auckland Premier League ("A" Division)

1 Cleansweep – Chelsea Farley, Jonah Tan, Tessa Farley, Ryan Lewis, Eleanor Adviento
2 Stonehenge – Garion Long, Ben Frew, Kieran Grieve, Keith Bond

2016 Auckland "B" Division

1 Thistles – Liz Matthews, Glenys Taylor, Pauline Farra, Christine Bewick, Brittany Taylor
2 Rock Slide – Rory Hammond, Brian Peel, Roberta Hammond, John Hammond

2016 Auckland "C" Division

1 Team 11 – Robert Giles, Reid Zingel, Martin Regan, Peter Taylor, Dean Fotti
2 Smirnoff Ice – Kate Smirnova, Lisa Wu, Marie Tsai, Anna de Boer

2016 Auckland "D" Division

1 Winging It – Ian Ford, Craig Bickerstaff, Mark Jacobs, Shelley Denize-Evans
2 Team 14 – Joelle Burt, Ed McLain, Jane McLain

2016 League Round Robin

1 Sheets & Giggles – Brett Sargon, Kieran Ford, Eloise Pointon, Holly Gosse
2 Cleansweep – Chelsea Farley, Jonah Tan, Tessa Farley, Ryan Lewis, Eleanor Adviento

2016 Auckland Mixed Doubles

1 Glenys Taylor & Peter Taylor
2 Tessa Farley & Reid Zingel

2016 Auckland Under-21 Championship

1 Jonah Tan, Rory Hammond, Anna de Boer, Joelle Burt
2 Michaela Fleming, Ruby Marsh, Sarah Stewart, Zoe Wallace

2016 Auckland Big End Award

1 Cleansweep – 6 points, Round 3  

2010 Auckland Bonspiel (not held 2011-6)

1 Northern Lights – Lorne DePape, Dean Fotti, Jo Norman
2 J3 – Josh Dallow, Jon Jaksic, Jarred Jaksic

2011 Victoria Curling Assn Open (Melbourne)

1 Al Langille, Kenny Thomson, Dean Fotti, Ian Ford

Secondary Schools Champions

  Refer to Schools Honours Board
Office Holders 2016
President Ian Ford
Vice-President office vacant
Secretary Liz Matthews
Treasurer Linda Farley
Committee Lorne DePape, Kieran Ford, Beth Gibbs, Earl Irving, Kenny Williamson

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